Eswatini Mission Report

Eswatini Mission Report

Eswatini Mission Report

On the 5th of July 2018, 4 Nigerian Christians, motivated by the resolve to take the gospel to all Africa and also to strengthen the existing congregations in targeted area, left Nigeria for Swaziland on the request of the church meeting at Matsapha, Swaziland for a ten day mission work.

We arrived in Swaziland on the 6th of July and began work immediately.

We had three basic points of concentration. The church meeting at Matsapha, The Clinic owned and run by the church also in Matsapha, and the African Christian College in Tubungu.

After meeting with the elders of the congregation on arrival, a program of activities that was proposed and drawn before we arrived was modified to take into consideration some exigencies.

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th were used to interact with the congregation with the team workshopping with divided classes of youths and adults on leadership and evangelism strategies. The afternoon sessions also had a value-adding session of marital counselling for the adult class.

On Monday 9th, our evangelism focus was the clinic where we spent the entire day preaching, counseling and praying for patients that came for out-patient consultation. Some desktop computers that were never used were also brought out for repairs and configuration to get them working.

We participated in the midday chapel sessions of the African Christian College on both Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th where we shared two powerful Bible centered sermons and spent two hours after classes in the afternoons of both days adding value to the students’ knowledge on Internet Evangelism and setting up a computer business center.

Mike Udam Preaching in Eswatini

On Wednesday 11th, we resumed at the clinic and continued with our evangelism building on the foundation we laid on Monday the 9th. It was during this process that we found ourselves preaching to a preacher of the gospel who came for medical consultation. He was happy with what we did and extended his invitation to us to come and teach in the Tubungu congregation in the evening of Thursday 12th sharing our knowledge on Internet Evangelism.

We kept the appointment and it was great. The congregation appears to be predominantly whites and the preacher revealed that they were the first congregation in Swaziland and tried to be true and adhering to the New Testament Christianity as we practice in Nigeria.

Friday the 13th was a day of surprises and a day of humiliation for us. It was a day we had planned to visit a couple of historic sites to get a better feel of the land and its people. We therefore scheduled visits to a wildlife park and to a cultural village. We however hit a pedestrian and had to take him to the hospital and report ourselves to the police since it was one of us that drove the car. The shock and trauma of the event and the running around the Police Station cancelled the activities lined up for that day. In significant humility, we took the matter to God with serious devotion and God answered us in a way we couldn’t have anticipated. Something significant happened.

 The incident put us in the hands of the assistant head of the traffic section of the Police Force who introduced himself as an assistant pastor that had recently been nursing a desire to start his own church. He asked us if we know T.B Joshua and Apostle Suleiman and we started sharing the good news with him. His response was surprisingly humble and he quietly followed the study and expressed desire to come to Nigeria. The elder that was with us representing the Matsapha church promised to do a follow-up seeing that this Inspector of Police had already grown tired of the denomination he was leading as an assistant pastor.

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th were full of activities with the Matsapha congregation. We had lectures and interaction on Leadership development, and on improving their perceptual intelligence on ‘Perception.’

The church in Matsapha was grateful and promise to work with us in evangelizing Swaziland.


The church in Swaziland is very friendly and receptive. The leadership of the Matsapha congregation has already identified some of the challenges facing the people of Eswatini and acknowledges their observed weakness in evangelism.

Our plans

If we have the funding, we plan to go and train preachers in the entire Swaziland for a intensive two-week workshop on doctrine, leadership development and evangelism. We believe this is very important for the future of the churches of Christ in this area.

Currently we have created a WhatsApp group where we are constantly in touch with them and a follow-up commences on the foundation we laid and the interest we generated in the future of this wonderful African nation.

The time is truly ripe for us to go out and encourage biblical acculturation and Bible-based Christianity in all of Africa especially with those who are named ‘Church of Christ,’ so that we all function as the forever family of God.

Mike Udam


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