We are a group of dedicated people who belong to Christ. Each of us recognized the sins in his or her life and came to God for salvation as the Bible instructs. We do not use creeds, teachings of men or revelation newer than the Holy Bible. We are simply Christians following the teachings of Jesus, His apostles, and prophets found in the New Testament. It is our commitment to live by these teachings to the best of our ability.
The portal is for materials of salvation that will help man find his pathway back to God. We pray your visit here leaves you better equipped by our work and prepared to meet your God happy when the last curtain falls.


To develop a one stop portal where only the truth will stand tall and will shine light into the dark world.


Our mission is to preach the truth in it pure and original form with love so that those who come here will be liberated from the bondage of doctrinal error, edified and strengthened and equipped to work more in the vineyard of the Lord. It is a pledge we promise to keep to the glory of the creator of the universe.

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