Dear “gods of men”

Dear "gods of men"

Dear “men of God”

I choose to write you this letter out of a compelled believe that I owe you a lot of love and my failure to draw your attention to these issues will make my criticism of no effect.

Some years ago, I watch one of you in the full glare of the media wed a man and a woman who are not well dressed before God in his worship hall.
The male entered the worship area with plaited hairs and the woman had a tiny piece of cloth cladding her body. In short she was improperly and immodestly dressed.

Yet that man of God closed his eyes and performed the wedding.

Could it be that the money given was more commanding than the word of God?

Again in the full glare of the media a man celebrating his 75 years existence decided to throw a thanksgiving party.

During the church service the man of God invited the man to come forward to be prayed for. He marched forward with his retinue of wives who stood beside him.

The man of God forgot that it was one wife and one husband. He started to pray for the celebrant. He showered encomium on the celebrant. Quite strange.

My fellow men of God, who do we actually resemble?

Would Jesus behave like that?, what of prophet Elijah, Isaiah, Jonah e.t.c.

Today we conduct funeral for a fee.

Today we conduct child dedication for parents who only need church platform for their ego.

Today we officiate in marriages of men we know already have wives.

Today we look the other way even when the sinner displays their sins right in front of us.

Today we wed gay and say it is a lifestyle.

Men of God please, I use the name of God to beg us, let us not escort these people to hell.

God’s standard, are the same from generation to generation.

Leave the pulpit, and have an office where you can practice your brand of religion.

It is absurd to be called a Man of God and accommodate sin, thus making the sinner think he can bribe his way through with his wealth.

If you know any of them close by share this letter with them. The pollution of his pulpit by corrupt men in the guise of men of God should stop.

Mike Udam

Weeping servant


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  1. Johnson Emori Egbe : March 1, 2018 at 5:13 am

    Good morning Sir. This message is an eye opener as greed as become the order of the day. Church has been seen as the easiest way of accumulating wealth thereby ignoring the purpose of Christianity. Going back to the scripture is the only way out.

    Would also suggest that there be a platform where we can invite friends and families to read the articles directly from here too

    Thanks for this messages and would like it if you can send more of it to me on WhatsApp to share on the groups and pages I joined and added to. WhatsApp number 08066974158 and also on Facebook as Johnson Emori Egbe. Look forward for your response. Do have a lovely day sir.

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