The consequences of just one sin

The consequences of just one sin

Image result for one sinSin is 99 percent good food and 1 percent rat poison. It is small and can do huge damage. Just imagine a one silly word spoken to your family member and check out the damage. In this lesson we shall look at some consequences of just one sin.

1.       It will have harmful effect – By it nature, that single sin will have a harmful effect on your person and spirit. You may not die immediately like eating junk food, it will gradually harm and ultimately kill you. Num 32:23. Your sin will find you out. Mark it down and make it sink deep in your heart. Let us visit the Bible for one time sinners. Adam and Eve only eat one fruit to land them in trouble. David only looked once lustfully and a chain reaction was set up. Ananias and Saphira only lied once and death was beaconing. So, how many times will I commit fornication before she will be pregnant? How many times will I commit adultery before it will be called adultery.  No one can get away with the consequences of one sin Gal 6:7.

2.       It can hurt your influence. Just one single sin can destroy the entire life time reputation you have built. One single bad makes the entire village forget all the good that you have done. One reckless moment from one sinful act will make you loose your influence. Even if you may repent, it may take time before you can regain the confidence in the heart of those who hitherto held you in high esteem.

3.       It can breed other sin. David is a good example. David did not know the chain effect of sin. From lusting at a woman, adultery sets in. This gave birth to murder and even a loss of the throne. If someone had told David that he will go down because of just one sin. From sin to sins. Maybe because you were not caught and disgraced, you continue in it. Ecl 8:11. In an attempt to cover up the first sin, you may commit another one and the chain reaction continues.

4.       It can harden your heart. Sin can fool you into hardening of you heart Heb 5:13. One hard thing to do is stopping a sinful act after we have started. That is why it is not good to even start at all. First the conscience sees it as sin, that after several acts, it then looks normal. That same sin now makes me look at others who desire me to be corrected as evil. The one sin man gradually hardened his heart. Each time you yield to sin, it creates a big room for you to do well the next time.

5.       It can change you attitude towards others. First the one who is not guilty looks at the one sin brother with disrespect and sadness. In Nigeria we will say “bros, you don fall my hand”. This simply means, you have fallen below expectation. Secondly, the one who is guilty might begin to see others offering him help to come out of the mess as enemies and or those coming to mock him. It will gradually lead you from staying with the brethren and by extension withdraw fellowship from the saints. So many people leave the church just because of the exposure of their one sin.

6.       it can cost you your soul. Sin can easily rob a man of his eternal bliss with God. One single sin committed by Simon in Act 8 led him to loose his eternal inheritance. It is as bad as that. The wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life.

7.       It carries the guilt of all of them. James 2:8-11. Just one sin makes you fall into the category of sinners. Our classification of sins into small or big makes us to think that small sins have no guilt.  No matter how small the sin is, you have missed the mark and God will keep you apart. Isa 59:1. God no longer hears your cry of help.

Let us not make any mistake to think that it just only one sin. It is like just one bottle of alcohol. It is loaded and has a huge effect on the eternal direction of the soul.

Before you plan to sin, please think of these consequences associated with just only one sin. May God help us to refrain from willful sins knowing we cannot get away with it.


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