1 Corinthians 10:13

In our very busy world today, christains struggle every day for breathe as they try to uphold their faith, obedience to the will of God. As we journey through life, we are faced with many difficulties that sometimes force us to doubt ourselves and the abilities in us to resist such temptation. The Apostle Paul was emphatic about the mind of God concerning our welfare in times of difficulties, highlighting three major support for the man of faith to hold when in dare situation.
1. God is faithful
He stands by those who trust in Him (Psalms 125:3), God’s grace is sufficient in all our situation if only we accept it fully for our salvation. All men are tempted and tried but the temptation or trial to sin originates from within the individual (James 1:12-15).Sin occur therefore when the lusts and pride of the individual are carried into action that is contrary to the will of God. (John 2:15)
2. A way of Escape
Since temptation originates from within the individual to carry out lust and pride, the way of escape originates from within one’s heart. If we must escape tempation, we must look inwards within ourselves, for within our heart we must seek a way of escape from the lure of the environment we live. Because the source of temptation lies within our hearts, we can not blame anyone or anything that lies outside our hearts for the sin we may commit carrying out fleshy lust and pride of life.
3. Able to Endure
We can only bear when we trust in the will of God deep in our heart, which will only be guaranteed when the word of God is stored securely in our hearts, otherwise we give the devil more space to influence us.(Heb 4:12, James 1:21)
Have you been compromising God’s standard with those genuine excuses,forsaking the assembling of the saints for those serious life engagements, ignoring your divine responsibilities due to those busy schedules? Remember He is Faithful that has called us to work, and He has made a way of escape if only we are ready to endure, for in God’s infinite wisdom and mercy, He will never allow those temptation that are uncommon to man, come before you. The decision to stand for God, in times of temptation and trial is dependent upon you. If we trust Him to save, then we are sure, God will be there for us at the end.
The script is written by Bro Chidi Chibunna for, do have a wonderful time in the Presence of the Most High.Amen
Happy Lord’s Day Brethren


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